Trademark registration in Singapore 2020

Singapore is a potential market of Vietnam and it is also requires inviduals and enterprises to pay attention to trademark protection. So how to register trademark in Singapore? Refer to the following article based on the latest legal provisions 2020

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trademark registration


Singapore has applied the first application rule. Accordingly, if there are many applications for registration of trademarks that are identical or similar, the rights to the trademark shall be granted to the person who has applied for the first registration at the Singapore’ Ministry of Trade. Therefore, Investor in Singapore should carry out trademark registration as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Procedures of Trademark registration


Enterprises need to prepare documents for trademark registration in Singapore, including:

  • Notarized authorization letter;
  • 02 Trademark template documents
  • Documents claiming priority right under the Paris convention (as if);
  • In case the trademark has been registered for protection in Vietnam, you need to provide 01 additional copy of this Protection Title.

Note: Individuals or Enterprise may apply for trademark registration in Singapore if they have a legal representative in Singapore. If not, these applications must be filed through a trademark representative in Singapore.

trademark registration
trademark registration

Time for examination of trademark registration applications:

  • Formal examination: 1 month from the date of application;
  • Content evaluation: 06 months from the date of publication;
  • Time for degree granting will be: 02 months.

The trademark will take effect from the date of application.

Note: Each trademark application is only used for a group of products and services.

Validity of a Trademark Registration Certificate:

  • The term of protection of trademarks in Singapore is 10 years from the date of filing the application (or from the priority date, if any. The Trademark Certificate can be renewed many times, each for 10 years and the owner must pay a renewal fee. Applications for extension of validity of trademark protection may be filed late within 6 months from the expiry date and owners must pay a late filing fee.
  • After 5 years from the date of filing a trademark application, the trademark owner must submit an “Affidavit of Use / Non-Use of Trademark”. If the trademark owner does not submit the Affidavit, the trademark will be suspended if requested by a third party.


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