Registration of industrial design protection in Viet Nam

Nowadays, many individuals and organizations are more aware of their intellectual property protection. Registration of industrial design protection is essential to against infringements. Let’s find out about registration of industrial design protection through the following article:

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industrial design

Concept of Industrial design

Industrial design is the appearance of a product expressed in shapes, lines, colors or a combination of these elements.

Conditions of protection:

  • New: it significantly different from other protected industrial designs
  • Creative: that industrial design cannot be easily created for the average knowledgeable person in the respective field..
  • Applicable in industry: it can be used as a model to make a series of products with the appearance of that industrial design, by industrial or manual methods.

The subject is not protected as an industrial design:

  • Appearance of a product that is required by its technical specification;
  • Appearance of civil or industrial construction works;
  • The appearance of the product is not visible during use the product.
  • Objects contrary to social morality, public order, harmful to national defense and security.

Registration of industrial design process

Minimum documentation

  • 02 declarations of registration of industrial designs;
  • 01 Description of the industrial design;

Agencies competent to receive documents

An industrial design registration file is filed with the National Office of Industrial Property. The National Office of Intellectual Property shall receive applications and grant exclusive industrial designs to applicants.

In case of refusal, there must be a document clearly stating the reason.

Time for processing Industrial design protection

– Formal examination: 01 month

– Public the applications: within 02 months from the date the trademark registration is valid

– Content examination: no more than 07 months from the date of publication

industrial design

How to submit documents


Submit documents by post office service to one of the Intellectual Property Office’s receipt centers.

– Submit online

Note: You must have digital certificates and digital signatures, an account on the online application approved by the National Office of Intellectual Property.

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