Patent/utility solution registration in Vietnam

An invention is a technical solution in the form of a product or a process, aimed at solving a specific problem by applying natural laws. The invention is protected by a patent in the form of an invention patent or utility solution patent. So how to register patent/utility solution? What is the difference of them? Let’s find out through the following article:

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patent/utility solutions

Protection conditions

The invention is protected in the form of invention patent if the following conditions are met:

– New;

– Having a creative level;

– Able to apply industry.


The invention is protected in the form of patents for utility solution if the following conditions are met:

– New;

– Is not common knowledge;

– Able to apply industry.

The object is not protected under the patent

– Inventions, scientific theories, mathematical methods;

– Diagrams, plans, rules and methods for performing mental activities, training pets, performing games, doing business; Computer Programs;

– Method of information presentation;

– Solutions of aesthetic characteristics only;

– Plant varieties, animal breeds;

– The production process of plants and animals is mainly of a biological nature, not a microbiological process;

– Methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of humans and animals.

patent/utility solutions

Patent/Utility solution registration process

Minimum documents

– 02 Patent registration declaration;

– 02 Description of invention / utility solution;


Depending on some cases, some documents need to add:

– 02 abstracts of inventions / utility solutions

– Authorization document

– Application for assignment of rights

– Document confirming the right to register

– Documentary evidence of priority

Processing term

– Formal examination: 01 month

– Publish patent applications / utility solutions

+ Published within the nineteenth month from the priority date or filing date, if the application has no priority date or within 2 months from the date of acceptance of the valid application, whichever is later.

+ Applications for invention / utility solution with the request for early publication shall be published within 02 months from the date the NOIP receives the request for early publication or from the date of accepting a valid application, depending on by whichever later.

How to submit documents


Submit documents by post office service to one of the Intellectual Property Office’s receipt centers.

– Submit online

Note: You must have digital certificates and digital signatures, an account on the online application approved by the National Office of Intellectual Property.

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